Do "canned" marketing videos really work?

I've seen a lot of promotions on social media for packaged or canned videos to help promote or market your organization.  And while some of them are creative, I'm not a believer that anything that is generic can transfer and be effective in marketing you or your organization.  The first risk is that someone else will also use it for their brand.  Second, do you want to align the brand you worked so hard to create with a person doing a funny dance or a montage of random images that your logo appears over?  You've put the time and hard work into building your brand, you want any messaging and especially a video to drive the brand and your image specifically to your marketing goals and objectives.  Many of these videos are a subscription fee, by the end of the contract and the monthly fee you've paid, you probably could have created a very nice video that is unique to your brand.  Avoid the quick and easy solution.  Make your message count with a quality customized video specific to your brand.

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