Creating a 30 second TV spot

The thought of creating a 30 second TV commercial can be pretty intimidating.  Crafting your message into just 30 seconds is hard to do and then developing the visual component to support that message is equally as hard.  Don't be intimidated by the process, it's not as hard as it appears.  We've been creating TV spots for over 25 years and we are here to help.  Often times the first thought is to bring in an ad agency or marketing consultant to do the job and right away the price goes up.  Over the years we've created dozens of effective TV campaigns for clients by following a few simple rules.  We help craft your message, design the supporting creative and then execute the shoot.  You can sit back and watch as it all comes together.  Best of all, it doesn't have to crush your advertising budget for the year.

Once the spot is finished, we can take you a step further and help with media placement so you get your spot on the air when people will see it.  We can also repurpose the spot to develop social media content to support the TV campaign with a social media or digital campaign.  This will help drive the campaign to more successful results.

Shoot me an email, I'll be happy to share some insights with you and show you plenty of examples and give you an idea as to what it might cost.

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