Repurpose your unused video content!

So you just finished that 2 minute web video you've always wanted to create.  You've got it on social media and your website.  Think about repurposing some of that unused content from your video to develop a supporting social media campaign.  Often times videos are created and left to sit there on a website or social page and there is no supporting content to drive viewers to the video.  On any shoot there is always content that goes unused.  It's a simple next step to take some of that unused content and create short 10 to 15 sec videos that can be used on social media or in email campaigns to help drive viewers to your final video and website.  Some of those great sound bites that you didn't get to use or some of those creative shots that just didn't fit into the final piece can be used to peek interest and drive eyeballs to  your final project and key messaging.  So don't let all that content you paid good money for sit on the shelf.  Repurpose it into a social media campaign that drives viewers to your messaging.