Technology Disrupts Video Creative

Over the years I have seen the video industry shift from video tape based recording and large 30 lb. cameras that captured the images.  Today, non-linear editing and high capacity storage have changed everything.  DSLR cameras are the standard in video creative and computer based editing systems and software have consolidated the edit suite from multiple devices performing specific functions to a powerful post-production studio into one box that does it all.

The shift has moved video creative from large video crews with a lot of gear to smaller operations that can deliver high quality HD video in a more timely manner.  The client has benefitted through reduced costs and improved service and quality, the creative team has benefited from having tools and resources at their disposal that once were only available from large, high cost production studios.

There remains one constant in all of this disruption.  The skills of the person operating the camera or editing the video.  Expertise will always determine the final product.  Understanding the technology and getting the most out of it is in the hands on the creative team, and that will never change.