Good, Fast & Cheap!

An advertising client once told me of the old saying in advertising "You can have it good, you can have it fast or you can have it cheap.  You can have any two, but never all three."  Ten or so years ago I would have said yes, this is true, not today.  Highly versatile, affordable and powerful DSLR cameras now make it possible to shoot in any condition, in very high quality and with limited or no lighting.  Todays video productions take less time to set up, smaller crews to execute and all-around fewer or smaller equipment to support the shoot.

There have also been amazing advances in post-production.  Desktop based non-linear editing systems such as Premiere and Final Cut X make editing with powerful capabilities affordable to anyone.  This software puts powerful post-production effects at the editors fingertips so that you can bring a lot of capabilities quickly to any size budget production.

Finally, the ability to provide the client with draft versions and final versions via the web accelerate the approval process.  The client no longer has to sit in the edit suite and supervise the edit.  Drafts can be executed, provided to the client via a YouTube link and approval or changes quickly provided.

Recently, FX Digital Media was awarded a project to shoot and edit 16 videos in 7 days.  The video shooting had to occur all over PA from Philly to Pittsburgh and north and it had to be edited together to show at a large event.  Thanks to our technology and understand of how to execute this type of work we pulled it off with great success and a very happy client.

So now more than every, you can have it fast, good AND cheap... I like to say affordable.  To learn more about how we pulled this feat off and what we can do for you, shoot us an email, happy to share insights, budget information and best practices.

You can also watch the video below for my thoughts.